Our Survival Gear List
"Star Fire Flashlight"
This amazing new flashlight features the same technology used by police, military, and firemen.

Owning a good flashlight should be at the top of your survival list and should be something you and everyone of your family members own.
  • Super Bright: 2000 Lumens of powerful blinding LED light
  •  Waterproof: So you don't need to worry about it getting wet 
  •  Small and compact: not some bulky flashlight that can barely light up your walking path... 
  •  Tough as nails: Made of aluminum so it's lightweight, duarable and strong 
  •  Last Forever: The blinding LED's last 100,000 hours (most lights burn out eons before that) 
  •  5 modes: High, medium, low, strobe, S.O.S... 
  •  Zoomable: the beam is adjustable...
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